Friday, October 26, 2012

Creating a Layer Mask - Photoshop Tutorial (CS5)

A layer mask is a great feature in Photoshop that lets you hide portions of a layer. Let's say that you want to remove some parts of your image - such as the background, for example. Instead of using the eraser tool to erase the background, you can use a layer mask instead. The great thing about a layer mask is that you can edit the layer mask if you make a mistake. For example, if you end up removing a part of your image that you actually don't want to remove, then you can simply edit the layer mask to bring those parts back. If you make a mistake using the eraser tool, then you can either hit the undo command or start all over again. So the layer mask is a much better option because of its editable feature. To learn more about the layer mask feature in Photoshop, watch this layer mask Photoshop tutorial:

Creating a Layer Mask - Photoshop Tutorial

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