Thursday, July 16, 2015

JavaScript Online Video Training Course - Free for the Month of July 2015 is offering their excellent course on JavaScript Essential Training for free all throughout July 2015. No sign-up required. Just click here to go to the course page and start learning right away!

The course is designed by software developer, trainer, and writer Simon Allardice. Topics include: Understanding the structure of JavaScript code, Creating variables, functions, and loops, Writing conditional code, Sending messages to the console, Working with different variable types and objects, Creating and changing DOM objects, Event handling, Working with timers, Debugging JavaScript, Building smarter forms, Working with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, Using regular expressions. Below is a sample video:

Introduction to JavaScript

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

HTML Essential Training Course - Free for the Month of July 2015

For the month of July 2015, is offering their HTML Essential Training course for free. In this training course, senior staff author James Williamson, teaches you the fundamentals of HTML so that you can create properly structured web pages. He then moves on to CSS so that students can learn how to format and design websites. And finally, the course ends with a chapter on basic JavaScript so that students can learn how to add some simple interactivity to their projects. Below is a sample video from the course:


I always enjoy training courses taught by James Williamson. He's very engaging, easy to understand, and always up to date with the latest developments in web design.

Click the link below to start learning. No sign-up required:
Topics include:
  • Introducing HTML
  • Basic Page Structure
  • Formatting Page Content
  • Structuring Content
  • Creating Links
  • Creating Lists
  • Controlling Styling
  • Basic Scripting