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Flash ActionScript 3 Tutorials - Beginners

ActionScript is a programming language used to develop applications that will run on the Adobe Flash Player platform. In this page, you'll find a list of beginner's level ActionScript 3 tutorials that will help you understand how to use the ActionScript 3 language to add interactivity to your Flash movies. If you're a Flash designer or animator who is looking to expand your skills in Flash by learning ActionScript 3, I encourage you to browse through these articles, and hope that you will learn a few new things. The lessons are grouped into different categories, which include topics such as Flash AS3 Event Handling, Working with Sound in AS3, and Creating ActionScript 3 Preloaders to name a few. This page is also updated whenever new tutorials are available. And to provide a more hands-on approach to learning, some lessons come with exercise files as well, which you can download for free and work with as you read the articles. So if you're ready to learn ActionScript 3, start reading the lessons and get on track to becoming knowledgeable in this powerful programming language. Have fun learning ActionScript 3!

Introduction to AS3

Assigning Instance Names and Modifying some Movie Clip Properties in AS3
Introduction to Flash AS3 Variables
Expressions and Operators in ActionScript 3

Flash AS3 Events

Introduction to Flash AS3 Event Handling
How to Create an AS3 Event Listener
The AS3 Event Object
Using the AS3 EnterFrame Event to Create Coded Animation in Flash

Working with MovieClips

The AS3 'this' keyword and how to randomize the size of a MovieClip instance on the stage
Enabling Users to Drag and Drop MovieClips
Testing Collision Between Two MoveClips

Flash ActionScript 3.0 Preloader Tutorial

Preloading in Flash AS3 [PART 1]
Preloading in Flash AS3 [PART 2]

Working with the Flash ActionScript 3.0 Timer Class

Introduction to the Flash ActionScript 3 Timer Class

Working with Text in Flash AS3

AS3 TextFields - The Basics
Working with AS3 Input Text Fields
Formatting Text in AS3
ActionScript 3 String to Number Conversion
ActionScript 3 Number to String Conversion
Enabling the User to Submit the Contents Inside an Input Text Field
[PART 1] Working with External Text in Flash ActionScript 3 - Loading the Text
[PART 2] Working with External Text in Flash ActionScript 3 - Formatting the Text
[PART 3] Working with External Text in Flash ActionScript 3 - Scrolling the Text

Working with Sound in Flash ActionScript 3

Introduction to the AS3 Sound and SoundChannel Classes
Playing Sound from the Library and Making a Sound Clip Loop in AS3
Pausing and Resuming Sound using Flash AS3
Flash AS3 Volume Controls

Working with Arrays in Flash ActionScript 3.0

Creating a Simple Quiz Game with Flash AS3 [PART 1]
Creating a Simple Quiz Game with Flash AS3 [PART 2]
Creating Multiple TextFields and Arranging their Positions using Arrays and For Loops in AS3
Retrieving the Index Value of an Item in a Flash AS3 Array

Working with the Flash AS3 Tween Class

The Flash AS3 Tween Class - Introduction
Flash AS3 Tween Events

Miscellaneous Flash AS3 Topics

Passing Custom Parameters to Flash ActionScript 3 Event Handlers
How to Fix the Error #1009 Preloading Issue in Flash AS3
Flash AS3 Stage Focus and Keyboard Event Issue and How to Remove the Yellow Border around Objects in Focus
AS3 Random Numbers Generator

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Animating an Object Using the AS3 Enter Frame Event

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