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How to use ZBrush 4 | Video Tutorials for Beginners

Interested in learning how to use ZBrush 4? Then you might want to check out these free ZBrush 4 video tutorials for beginners. These are from the ZBrush 4 Essential Training Course by - one of the best software training sites on the web today. You will find the free video tutorials below, where you will learn the following: using Perspective and Floor, using ShadowBox, setting the stroke properties, a practical approach to texturing a head, and using UV Master. These are just a few of the lessons covered in this excellent training course. If you want to access the entire course, become a member today or sign up for a FREE 7-day trial.

How to use ZBrush 4
ZBrush 4 Essential Training by



ZBrush 4 Essential Training - Welcome

Using Perspective and Floor - How to use ZBrush 4 | Video Tutorials for Beginners

Using ShadowBox - How to use ZBrush 4 | Video Tutorials for Beginners

Setting the stroke properties - How to use ZBrush 4 | Video Tutorials for Beginners

Texturing a head: A practical approach - How to use ZBrush 4 | Video Tutorials for Beginners

Using UV Master - How to use ZBrush 4 | Video Tutorials for Beginners

Course Information

Training Provider:
Title: ZBrush 4 Essential Training
Author: Ryan Kittleson
Duration: 2hrs 47mins
Date of release: 08 April 2011

Chapter 1: Understanding the Interface
Making sense of ZBrush
Understanding the interface
Using Light Box
Navigating the canvas
Using Perspective and Floor
Understanding local centering
Trying different materials
Activating symmetry
Viewing your work in various ways

Chapter 2: Creating Meshes
Understanding polygon-based models
Creating ZSpheres
Using ShadowBox
Making a ZSketch
Extracting from an existing mesh
Using primitive 3D meshes
Importing from other programs

Chapter 3: Brushes and Sculpting
Understanding brush settings
Inverting brush effects
Switching to Smooth mode
Setting the stroke properties
Working with alphas
Using the Move brush
Using the Clip brush
Learning a few more common brushes (Polish, Clay, Flatten, Inflate, Tracks)
Saving and using brush presets

Chapter 4: Working with Tools
Working with tools and projects
Working with subdivision levels
Masking off parts of your model
Masking based on cavity and occlusion
Selecting and hiding parts of a tool
Working with polygroups
Using deformation
Mirroring geometry across an axis
Restoring symmetry
Creating morph targets
Understanding surface normal direction

Chapter 5: Working with Subtools
Learning the basics of subtools
Making new subtools
Combining subtools

Chapter 6: Deforming with Transpose
Masking with Transpose
Adjusting the Transpose Manipulator
Moving, scaling, and rotating with Transpose

Chapter 7: Painting and Texturing with Color
Understanding how ZBrush uses color
Learning the basics of Spotlight
Painting and texturing with Spotlight
Texturing a head: A practical approach

Chapter 8: Retopology: Making Riggable Models
Drawing new edge flow for retopology
Tips for making good edge flow
Creating new topology
Transferring detail from the old model to the new

Chapter 9: UV Layout and Maps
Understanding the UV maps
Installing the UV Master plug-in
Using UV Master
Creating texture maps

Chapter 10: Troubleshooting
Preventing problems
Recovering a corrupted model
Recognizing and fixing common problems
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