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Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics application packed with great features comparable to high-end proprietary 3D applications. It's used by many professionals to create 3D animation and components for films and games. If you want to start learning how to use this application, I recommend that you take a look at Blender 2.6 Essential Training from This training course for beginners covers what you need to know in order to start making your own 3D projects using Blender. I've posted a few videos from the course below so that you can get a better idea of what the course is about. More information can be found at the course details page. And as an added bonus, you can access the entire course for free with this free 7-day trial pass.



Overview of the Blender interface - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Understanding transform orientation - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Editing mesh objects - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Working with modifiers - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Creating reflections - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Using spot lamps - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Working with cameras - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Understanding the Timeline - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners

Facial animation using shape keys - Blender 2.6 Video Tutorials for Beginners


Course Information

Training Provider:
Title: Blender 2.6 Essential Training
Author: George Maestri
Duration: 7hrs 26mins
Date of release: 21 December 2011

Chapter 1: The Blender Interface
Overview of the Blender interface
Understanding 3D view windows
Navigating in 3D space
Configuring user preferences
Creating custom layouts

Chapter 2: Selecting and Translating Objects
Selecting objects
Moving objects
Rotating objects
Scaling objects
Understanding transform orientation
Changing an object's origin
Selecting pivot points
Using Snap to move objects precisely

Chapter 3: Modeling
Creating mesh primitives
Selecting vertices, edges, and faces
Editing mesh objects
Proportional editing
Sculpt mode
Working with edges and edge loops
Smooth shading objects
Subdividing meshes

Chapter 4: Advanced Modeling
Working with modifiers
Working with subdivision surfaces
Creating a simple creature
Symmetrical modeling with the Mirror modifier
Joining mesh objects
Stitching vertices
Finalizing a simple creature
Creating text
Boolean tools
Vertex groups

Chapter 5: Staying Organized
Using the Outliner
Using layers
Creating groups
Working with scenes
Creating hierarchies

Chapter 6: Applying Materials
Assigning materials to objects
Diffuse shaders
Working with specularity
Using the Ramp Shader options
Additional shading options
Creating reflections
Adding transparency and refractions
Subsurface scattering

Chapter 7: Adding Textures
Adding a simple texture
Using bitmaps
Mapping textures in the UV Editor
Using UV projections
UV mapping a character
Fine-tuning UV mapping
Creating Bump and Normal maps
Displacement mapping
Using the Node Editor

Chapter 8: Working with Light
Adding lamps to a scene
Fine-tuning ray-trace shadows
Using spot lamps
Fine-tuning buffer shadows
Using Hemi lamps
Working with Area lamps
Creating sky and ambient light
Adding background images
Creating sunlight
Ambient occlusion

Chapter 9: Cameras and Rendering
Working with cameras
Creating camera targets with constraints
Render properties
Rendering animation
Adding motion blur
Creating depth of field

Chapter 10: Basic Animation
Understanding the Timeline
Animating objects
Animating properties
Editing animation in the Graph Editor
Using the Dope Sheet
Path animation

Chapter 11: Character Rigging
Facial animation using shape keys
Understanding armatures
Fitting an armature to a creature
Deforming a character with an armature
Setting up inverse kinematics
Controlling the hips and body
Animating in Pose mode
Creating a test animation
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