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How to use LinkedIn | Video tutorials on learning LinkedIn

LinkedIn is perhaps the biggest social networking site catering to professionals out there today. Whether you're an individual who is seeking employment opportunities, a recruitment officer looking for potential employees, or a marketing manager who wants to promote a brand or service online, LinkedIn has tools that will help you achieve your goals. If you're interested in learning how to be a part of this social network and how to be able to make use of its features, here are a couple of video tutorials that will show you some of the things you can do with LinkedIn. These are just a few of the videos from the LinkedIn Essential Training course from Continue reading this article if you wish to find out how to access more of the videos from this training title.

LinkedIn Essential Training - Welcome

LinkedIn Essential Training - Signing up with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Essential Training - Adding your work experience and education

LinkedIn Essential Training - Selecting an appropriate networking approach: Open vs. Closed

LinkedIn Essential Training - Why start a LinkedIn group?

LinkedIn Essential Training - Reviewing the Jobs section

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Here is a more detailed description of the course:

Training provider: training
Title: LinkedIn Essential Training
Author: Richard Colback
Duration: 2hrs 36mins
Date of release: 16 February 2011

1. Introducing LinkedIn
What is LinkedIn?

2. Signing Up
Signing up with LinkedIn

3. Reviewing the Key Parts of LinkedIn with a Finished Profile
Learning the Home page
Understanding the importance of the Highlights section
Exploring the personal summary
Reviewing work experience and education
Working through additional profile information
Understanding the importance of connections
Looking at the power of groups
Understanding how companies use LinkedIn

4. Creating Your Profile
Building your profile starting with the highlights
Adding your work experience and education
Using groups to add depth to your profile
Understanding the difference between a public and private profile

5. Managing Connections
Understanding why connecting is powerful
Selecting an appropriate networking approach: Open vs. closed
Reviewing connection settings
Accepting and sending invitations and messages
Giving and receiving recommendations
Accepting automatic connection recommendations
Connecting via groups
Using the Tweets application to grow your network
Understanding what your network statistics mean

6. Being Part of a Group
Finding the right groups for you
Joining groups and selecting options
Being mindful of etiquette and communication within groups

7. Starting Your Own Group
Why start a LinkedIn group?
Defining groups
Selecting options
Building your group membership
Managing your group

8. Seeking Jobs
Looking for jobs on LinkedIn
Reviewing the Jobs section
Trolling the job board
Using keywords in your profile to increase visibility
Following companies and getting job alerts
Monitoring your network stats to know where to make adjustments
Using additional options: Buttons, service provider listings, and paid options

9. Recruiting Employees
Searching profiles to find suitable candidates
Understanding the etiquette for approaching candidates
Assessing references

10. Marketing Your Business
Using Linkedin for business
Setting up a business profile

11. Getting Involved with Communities
Asking questions and providing answers
Engaging through group discussions and news

12. Using Applications
What are apps?
File-sharing apps
Blog apps
Personal interest apps
Business info apps
Presentation apps
Professionally focused apps
Mobile apps
Removing apps from your profile

13. Editing Your Profile
Completing your profile
Editing your profile to stay relevant
Managing your settings


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