Friday, March 25, 2011

How to use Flickr | video tutorials

Flickr is one of the most popular photo and video sharing social networks out there today. If you're interested in learning how to use Flickr, I've posted a few video tutorials on this page. These videos are from's Flickr Essential Training by professional photographer Derrick Story. In this course, you'll learn the basics of using Flickr - how to upload, edit, and share images and video. Other topics include adding titles, descriptions, and captions; posting photos from Flickr to a blog; organizing images into sets, collections, and galleries; interacting with the Flickr community and more.

Flickr Essential Training - Welcome

Flickr Essential Training - Setting up your account and profile

Flickr Essential Training - Editing your personal information

Flickr Essential Training - Uploading photos the simple way

Flickr Essential Training - Creating a gallery

Flickr Essential Training - Discovering via the Places project

Flickr Essential Training - Using Google to search inside Flickr

Flickr Essential Training - Single key keyboard shortcuts

How do I access this entire training course?
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Here is a more detailed description of the course:

Training provider: training
Title: Flickr Essential Training
Author: Derrick Story
Duration: 3hrs 45mins
Date of release: 17 March 2011

1. Getting Started
Creating your Flickr account
Exploring the home page
Setting up your account and profile
Uploading photos
Finding friends

2. Specifying Settings for Your Account
Editing your personal information
Specifying privacy and permissions settings
Specifying email settings
Adding functionality

3. Uploading Photos and Videos
Uploading photos the simple way
Using the basic uploader link
Using the Flickr Uploadr software
Uploading from photo-management programs
Uploading video clips
Connecting Flickr to Facebook

4. Viewing Photos
Getting around in your photostream
Viewing larger versions of a photo
Viewing photos as a slideshow
Sharing photos via email
Searching techniques

5. Adding Information to Photos
Creating and editing titles and descriptions
Adding tags to make photos easy to find
Searching with tags and improving visibility
Adding a photo to your map
Creating notes to identify things in a photo
Adding the name of someone who appears in a photo

6. Working with Photos
Deleting a photo that you've uploaded
Replacing a photo that you've uploaded
Changing the license for a photo
Changing the location where a photo was taken
Changing the date that a photo was taken or posted
Posting photos from Flickr to your blog

7. Editing and Enhancing Photos Using Picnik
Enabling online editing
Rotating, cropping, and resizing
Working with autofix, exposure, and colors
Sharpening photos
Applying effects
Adding text

8. Working with Your Photostream
Creating a set
Adding photos to a set
Creating a collection
Organizing sets and collections
Applying changes to a batch of photos
Creating a gallery
Viewing your archives

9. Participating in the Flickr Community
Adding a comment to a photo
Viewing recent activity on your photos
Marking a photo as a favorite
Adding contacts
Knowing when someone adds you as a contact
Inviting non-Flickr members
Creating and using guest passes
Using your contact list
Managing FlickrMail

10. Participating in Groups
What are groups?
Joining and contributing to a group
Starting and administering your own group

11. Exploring
Exploring the Explore page
Looking at videos and analog photography
Investigating the Flickr Clock
Charting the Flickr Map
Discovering via the Places project
Perusing the Commons and the Creative Commons
Reading the Flickr Blog and
Exploring the Camera Finder
Using Google to search inside Flickr

12. Using Flickr with Phones and Other Mobile Devices
Exploring Flickr from a mobile device
Uploading from a camera phone using email
Uploading from a Flickr app
Flickr apps for iPhone and Android

13. Tips and Advanced Techniques
Single-key keyboard shortcuts
Setting up Flickr email notifications
Licensing your photos through Getty Images
Printing your Flickr images
Exploring Flickr add-ons
Using an Eye-Fi card when traveling
Seeing your site as the world sees it


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