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Dreamweaver CS5 Video Tutorials

Dreamweaver is perhaps the best web design and development software out there today. If you're interested in learning how to use this powerful application, check out a few of these Dreamweaver CS5 video tutorials that I've posted on this page. It will give you an idea of how Dreamweaver CS5 works, and how you can use it to improve your web design and development work-flow. These videos are from the Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training course provided by Continue reading this article if you wish to find out how to access more of the videos from this training title.

Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training - Welcome

What is Dreamweaver? - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Learning web design - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

The Application toolbar - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Basic site structure - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Defining a new site - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Creating new documents - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Working with starter pages - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Adding structure to text - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Understanding style sheets - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

The CSS Styles panel - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Using the Code Navigator - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Understanding element selectors - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Working with units of measurement - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Controlling vertical spacing with margins - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Understanding image types - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Modifying Smart Objects - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Modifying image properties - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Link Basics - Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

Where can I view the rest of the videos?
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Here is a more detailed description of the course:

Training provider: training
Title: Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training
Author: James Williamson
Duration: 15hrs 22mins
Date of release: 30 April 2010

1. Getting Started
What is Dreamweaver?
Learning web design
Current web standards

2. The Dreamweaver CS5 Interface
The Welcome screen
Windows and Mac interface differences
The Application toolbar
The Document toolbar
Arranging panels
Managing workspaces
The Properties Inspector
The Insert panel

3. Site Control
Basic site structure
File naming conventions
Defining a new site
Managing sites
Managing files and folders
Working with browsers

4. Creating New Documents
Creating new documents
New document preferences
Setting accessibility preferences
Working with starter pages
Managing starter pages

5. Adding Text and Structure
Basic tag structure
Adding structure to text
Creating lists
Getting text into Dreamweaver
Importing Word documents

6. CSS Foundations
Understanding style sheets
The anatomy of a CSS rule
Setting CSS preferences
The CSS Styles panel
Controlling CSS through the Properties Inspector
Using the Code Navigator
Using CSS Enable
Understanding element selectors
Understanding class selectors
Understanding ID selectors
Understanding descendant selectors
Attaching external style sheets

7. Controlling Typography
Working with units of measurement
Declaring font families
Controlling font sizing
Controlling weight and style
Controlling line height
Controlling vertical spacing with margins
Controlling spacing with padding
Aligning text
Transforming text
Writing global styles
Writing targeted styles

8. Working with Images
Understanding image types
Managing assets in Dreamweaver
Setting image accessibility preferences
Setting external image editing preferences
Placing images on the page
Photoshop integration
Modifying Smart Objects
Alternate Photoshop workflows
Modifying image properties
Styling images with CSS
Using background graphics
Positioning background graphics

9. Creating Links
Link basics
Setting site linking preferences
Creating links in Dreamweaver
Absolute links
Using named anchors
Linking to named anchors in external files
Creating an email link
Creating CSS-based rollovers

10. Controlling Layout with CSS
CSS structuring basics
The Box Model
Understanding floats
Clearing and containing floats
Using relative positioning
Using absolute positioning
Creating structure with div tags
Styling basic structure
Creating a two-column layout
Using Live View and CSS Inspect
Using Browser Lab

11. Working with Tables
Reviewing table structure
Importing tabular data
Creating accessible tables
Using thead and tbody tags
Basic table styling
Styling table headers
Styling column groups
Creating custom table borders
Styling table captions

12. Working with Forms
How forms work
Reviewing form design
Creating accessible forms
Setting form properties
The fieldset and legend tags
Inserting text fields
Inserting list menu items
Inserting checkboxes
Inserting radio button groups
Inserting text areas
Inserting submit buttons
Basic form styling
Form element styling
Styling form layout
Adding form interactivity
Using Spry validation widgets

13. Building Templates
Planning for templates
Creating a new template
Using editable attributes
Creating optional regions
Creating new pages from a template
Applying templates to existing pages
Working with nested templates
Working with repeating regions
Modifying templates

14. Adding User Interactivity
Behaviors overview
Hiding and showing elements
Spry overview
Using Spry widgets
Adding Spry effects
Using the Widget Browser

15. Working with Flash and Video
Inserting Flash files
Setting properties for Flash
Dreamweaver and Flash integration
Encoding Flash video
Adding Flash video

16. Managing Sites
Running site-wide reports
Checking for broken links
Checking for browser compatibility
Adding remote servers
Uploading files
Managing remote sites


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