Friday, April 1, 2011

Google SketchUp Pro 8 Video Tutorials

Google's SketchUp 8 is a very popular 3D modeling package from Google. The Pro version of SketchUp adds many valuable features for the professional user including advanced importers and exporters, Dynamic Component authoring, Style Builder, and Layout to the already outstanding tools found in the free version. In this Google SketchUp Pro 8 training series from, author and artist Jason Maranto talks about the new features in version 8 and extensively covers the Pro version's features. He puts a particular emphasis on designing compelling user interactions with Dynamic Components and creating page layouts using your SketchUp models in Layout. These easy-to-follow Google SketchUp 8 video tutorials will really help you to maximize SketchUp Pro's potential. Get started now by clicking the free movie links below!

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Course: Google SketchUp Pro 8
Author: Jason Maranto
Release Date: 2011-01-26
Duration: 8.5 hrs / 99 tutorials


Hardware Considerations
Web Resources
Install Folder Tour
User Interface Introduction

Google Earth Integration

Google Earth
Adding a Location
Building Maker
Photo Matching Mode

More New Stuff

Push / Pull Pre-Select
Back Edges & Outer Shell
Align Axes & Solar North
Scenes Thumbnails

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Solids & Calculate Volume
Solids Tools
More on the Trim Tool
Complex Geometry

Authoring Dynamic Components

Parent & Children Components
Reading Susan
Component Info & Form Design

Geometry Attributes

Formula View & Functions
Component Axis Plugin
Size Attributes
Rotation Attributes
Clock Example

OnClick Attribute

OnClick Functions
Surly Box Example
Animation Functions
24 Hour Clock Example

Copy & Copies Attribute

How to Create Copies
Arranging & Modifying
Copies in Animation

Hidden Attribute

Hidden True & False
Hiding Via OnClick
Using Logic Functions
Logic Based Form

Scale Tool Attribute

Constraining the Scale Tool
Scale Copy Process
Scale Copy Example

Material Attribute

Choosing Materials via Form
Changing Materials via OnClick
Specification Techniques
Using Both Methods

Dynamic Component Examples

Color Animation
Animated Wheels pt. 1
Animated Wheels pt. 2
Rickety Fence pt. 1
Rickety Fence pt. 2
Rickety Fence pt. 3

Style Builder

Why Style Builder?
User Interface
How Strokes Work
Drawing Strokes
Working with a Style

Layout Introduction

Introducing Layout
User Interface
Panning & Zooming
Shapes: Bezier Curve Concepts
Shapes: Primitives
Shape Editing Tools
Inserting Images
Silhouette Creation pt. 1
Silhouette Creation pt. 2
Clip Masks

Manipulation & Customization

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts
Creating Custom Toolbars
Creating Custom Icons
Bring Forward / Backward
Center / Flip / Space
Shapes Special Behaviors
Shape Style

Text / Pages / Layers

Creating Text
Text Style Dialog: Format
Text Style Dialog: List
Importing Text

SketchUp & Layout

SketchUp to Layout
Inserting a Model
Manipulating a Model
Linear Dimensions Tool
Angular Dimensions Tool
Snapping & Presentation
Precise Align & Grid

Layout Fine-Tuning

Document Setup
Using Templates
Creating Templates

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