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How to write an effective resume | Video Tutorials

In Creating an Effective Resume by, you will receive step-by-step guidance on how to write an effective resume that will highlight your accomplishments and specifically target a potential employer's needs. Topics covered in these video tutorials include: choosing the best layout, identifying and incorporating essential keywords, showcasing achievements and job duties using P.A.R. statements, and compiling references, cover letters, and thank-you notes to name a few. Continue reading to find out more about this excellent course.

Creating an Effective Resume by


Creating an Effective Resume - Welcome

Discovering your dream job - How to Write an Effective Resume

Avoiding identity theft - How to Write an Effective Resume

Reverse chronological - How to Write an Effective Resume

Including (or not including) an objective - How to Write an Effective Resume

Course Information

Training Provider:
Title: Creating an Effective Resume
Author: Mariann Siegert
Duration: 3hrs 29mins
Date of release: 22 April 2010

Chapter 1: Gathering and Organizing the Facts
Creating a marketing campaign
Discovering your dream job
Understanding the importance of keywords
Finding essential keywords
Incorporating action verbs
Getting results using PAR statements
Researching the employer

Chapter 2: The Dos and Don'ts of Resume Writing
Targeting your resume
Sidestepping blunders and the "10-Second Screen-Out"
Deciding on resume length
Keeping your resume concise
Refreshing your resume
Critiquing your resume
Avoiding identity theft

Chapter 3: Resume Remedies
Entering the workforce
Filling in employment gaps
Dealing with long-term employment
Switching career paths

Chapter 4: Choosing the Best Resume Layout
Understanding resume jargon
Reverse chronological
Combined chrono-functional

Chapter 5: Alternate Resume Formats
Understanding the curriculum vitae (CV)
Working with online resumes and portfolios

Chapter 6: Putting Your Resume Together
Formatting fundamentals for your resume
Including (or not including) an objective
Creating a headline
Writing a qualifications summary
Showcasing achievements vs. listing job duties
Including technical information
Putting your education to work
Including awards, honors, and other information

Chapter 7: Saving to Different File Formats
Knowing which file format is best
Saving to earlier versions of Word
Saving as a PDF
Creating a RTF version
Saving to HTML format

Chapter 8: Utilizing the Internet to Become Visible
Evaluating online resume banks
Writing effective names for resume banks
Double-checking formatting after uploading
Becoming too visible

Chapter 9: Enhancing Your Chances with the Finishing Touches
Creating a cover letter
Compiling your references
Writing thank-you notes
Printing, copying, and the importance of paper
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