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How to: Create an Account on Facebook - Instructions, Guides, Tips, and Training Video Tutorials

If you want to learn how to create an account on Facebook and you're looking for resources about Facebook - instructions, guides, tips, and training - check out these free Facebook video tutorials below. These are from the Facebook Essential Training Course by lynda.com. It will teach you the basics of creating an account on Facebook and managing it. It has topics on: finding and adding friends, liking pages, reading the News Feed, writing on a friend’s wall, updating your status, posting videos and links, creating a page for a business, protecting privacy and staying secure, deactivating an account, and more. Check out the free videos below to see start learning. To view the entire course, become a lynda.com member or sign up for a FREE 7-day trial.

Facebook Essential Training by



Facebook Essential Training - Welcome

Facebook Instructions - Changing your profile photo

Facebook Instructions - Understanding your News Feed

Facebook Instructions - Uploading videos

Facebook Instructions - Adding, removing, and blocking friends from your Chat list

Course Information

Training Provider: Lynda.com
Title: Facebook Essential Training
Author: Garrick Chow
Duration: 3hrs 10mins
Date of release: 10 May 2011

Chapter 1: What Is Facebook?
Understanding Facebook and social networking

Chapter 2: Signing Up and Creating a Profile
Signing up with Facebook
Editing your profile
Changing your profile photo
Configuring your notifications

Chapter 3: Finding and Adding Friends
Understanding Facebook friends
Finding friends, family, and coworkers
Managing friend requests
Organizing friends into lists
Removing and blocking friends
Liking pages
What's "poking"?

Chapter 4: Your Home Page and Your Wall
Understanding the home page
Understanding your News Feed
Understanding your Wall
Writing on a friend's Wall

Chapter 5. Updating Your Status and Sharing
Updating your status
Posting photos, videos, and links
Writing Notes
Tagging friends

Chapter 6: Managing Photos and Videos
Uploading photos and creating albums
Uploading videos
Tagging, editing, and deleting photos

Chapter 7: Sending and Receiving Private Messages
Sending private messages
Reading, replying to, and deleting private messages
Setting privacy for private messages

Chapter 8: Chatting
Displaying the Chat list and chatting with friends
Adding, removing, and blocking friends from your Chat list
Disabling Chat

Chapter 9: Searching Facebook
Searching for people
Searching for content
Editing your public search listing

Chapter 10: Facebook Groups
Searching for and joining groups
Creating and administering a group
Posting content to a group

Chapter 11: Facebook Applications
Understanding applications
Accepting, ignoring, and removing application requests
Installing and using applications
Viewing application settings and uninstalling applications

Chapter 12: Creating a Page for Your Business
Creating a page for your business, band, or organization
Assigning other people as administrators for your page
Using your page identity to post and comment on other people's pages
Setting up a user name for your page

Chapter 13: Protecting Your Privacy and
Staying Secure
Choosing what to share publicly
Configuring sharing
Using https to log in
Using one-time passwords
Signing out remotely
Recognizing new devices accessing your account

Chapter 14: Taking a Break from Facebook
Downloading your information
Deactivating your account
Deleting your account
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