Monday, January 2, 2012

Learn Revit 2012 Training Videos

Here are some excellent Revit 2012 training videos for those of you who want to learn Revit 2012. Revit 2012 is an amazing building design and documentation system created by Autodesk. Just click on the video links below to start watching the training videos. You'll learn about the typical drawing tools, how to set up levels, how to import CAD files, and more! These are from the Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 Training Course by the VTC Online University. You can go to to check out more of the training courses that they offer.

This training course has 7 hours worth of video tutorials. If you'd like to view the rest of those videos in this training course, sign up for a membership.

Visit to learn more about their training courses.

Intro to Walls

Drawing Walls
Modifying Walls
Exterior Shell
Aligning Elements
Parapet and Wall Type
Offsetting Elements
Split / Trim / Extend
Adding Interior Walls
Add More Interior Walls

Doors and Windows

Adding Doors and Windows
Modifying Doors and Windows
Loading Types
Creating Additional Sizes
Practice Doors and Windows
Second Floor Doors
Add and Copy Windows

Curtain Walls

Creating Curtain Walls
Adding Curtain Grids
Modifying Curtain Grids
Curtain Wall Panels
Create a Curtain Wall Panel
Curtain Grid Mullions
Practice Curtain Walls
Practice Mullions
Practice Door in Storefront


Duplicating Views
Callout Views
View Display Setup
Practice Duplicate Views
Callouts and Graphic Overrides
Practice Foundations and Footings
Practice Exterior Elevations
Practice Interior Elevations
Practice Sections


Creating Floors
Modifying Floors
Shaft Openings
Sloped Floors
Practice Create Floors
Practice Balconies
Copy Floors and Cleanup Connections
Practice Shaft Openings


Adding Components
Modifying Components
Practice Lobby Furniture
Practice More Components

Reflected Ceiling

Creating Ceilings
Sketching and Modifying Ceilings
Ceiling Soffits and Fixtures
Practice Reflected Ceiling Plans
Practice Ceilings and Soffits


Creating Roofs
Practice Roofs by Footprint
Practice Roof on Poolhouse
Reference Planes and Work Planes
Roofs by Extrusion
Wall and Roof Intersections
Practice Roofs by Extrusion

Vertical Circulation

Standard Stairs
Stair Properties
Custom Stairs
Creating Ramps
Practice First Floor Stairs
Practice Upper Floor Stairs
Practice Stand-Alone Railings

Construction Documents

Setting Up Sheets
Views on Sheets
Modify Views on Sheets
Practice Construction Documents
Practice Setup-n-Add Views to Sheets
Printing Sheets


Modifying Dimensions
Practice Adding Dimensions
Working with Text
Detail Lines and Symbols
Annotate Construction Documents

Learn Revit 2012 to increase your skills. If you enjoyed these Revit 2012 training videos and you would like to view the entire training course, become a member today!

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