Monday, December 26, 2011

Learn Digital Audio Production - Training Course for Beginners

In Digital Audio Principles by, let commercial composer, sound designer, and recording engineer Dave Schroeder take you through the basics of digital audio production. In this digital audio production training course for beginners, you'll learn the principles of digital audio, which you can use whether you are producing music, podcasts, game sounds, or film sound effects. The author will teach you important techniques, and cover the essential hardware and software that you'll need for digital audio production.

For more information about the course, and to view a portion of it for free, visit the course details page. To access this entire 7-hour training course, you can sign up for a membership. And as a special promotion, you can get free access for 7 days by signing up for a free 7-day trial pass. This trial pass gives you access to the entire training library of over 1000 training courses.

Course Topics

Chapter 1: Sound and Digital Audio
Chapter 2: Digital Audio Workstations
Chapter 3: Microphones
Chapter 4: Cables and Connectors
Chapter 5: Audio Input/Output Devices
Chapter 6: Input Levels and Preamplifiers
Chapter 7: The Mixer
Chapter 8: Monitoring
Chapter 9: Computers and Audio
Chapter 10: Setting Up for Recording
Chapter 11: Digital Audio Software
Chapter 12: Common DAW Components
Chapter 13: Recording and Playback
Chapter 14: Editing
Chapter 15: Plug-ins
Chapter 16: MIDI
Chapter 17: Mixing
Chapter 18: Mastering
Chapter 19: Audio File Compression
Chapter 20: Voice Recording
Chapter 21: Digital Audio Debates

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